V-day crept up on you and everything is booked?

Never fear. We gotchoo.

According to our friends over at World of Weed, taking your S.O. on a Kush Adventure is a perfect stoner romantic grand gesture and we’re here for all of it.

We even have a promo code (CC18) for all you last minute Romeos.

This week also happens to be CannaCon and if you haven’t heard it’s only one of the largest 3 day long interactive cannabis industry expo event.

For the rest of the week enter promo code:


At check out for 30% off your Kush Adventure

The extent of our love aka The Fine Print:

– Promo offers cannot be combined

– Can’t go in February? No problem. Buy now. Go later. The 2018 tour season ends 12/21

– *Drags Glass Studio tour offered Monday–Friday only

– Saturday tour includes a whiskey tasting and tour of 3 Howls – one of Seattle’s finest micro-whiskey distilleries.

For more information please visit us at  Kush Tourism or email us at  seattle@kushtourism.com

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