California Marijuana Tours

caAre you looking for an introduction to California Cannabis Culture? What better way than to enjoy a marijuana tour!? Since California has recently legalized recreational marijuana, and legal recreational retail shops opened their doors to the public on January 1st, 2018, we expect more marijuana tours to start popping up throughout throughout the state, check out our directory below! Tours will be similar to tours in Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, and will be open to anyone over the age of 21! Become a part of history being made and enjoy a Cannabis Tour.

Also, if you are interested in discussing franchising of a California Kush Tour, please reach out to us either by email at, or by phone – (206) 587-KUSH (5874)

To find a list of medical dispensaries and legal recreational shops, please consult our California Retail Cannabis Map & Directory by clicking here!

Also, if you own/run a California recreational cannabis shop and would like to have it listed on our directory, please email

Here are a few resources to help you make informed decisions while visiting the Golden State:

California Cannabis Wholesale
Marijuana Information and FAQs
Cannabis Marijuana Distributors (Retail Buyers Only)
Legal Cannabis Retail Map & Directory
Deliveries Services

Bay Area

Green Guide Tours

Green Guide Tours currently offers the Classic Cannabis Tour that discusses the scientific, technological, medical, legal, and cultural history of marijuana in San Francisco and around the world. Our goal at Green Guide Tours is to help break down the outdated and negative stigmas about what marijuana is,
and bring a better understanding to the history & future of the cannabis industry.

PHONE: (415) 448-8077

Sea of Green Tours

Offering a wide variety of tour options, Sea of
Green has something for everyone! Tours typicallysea of green banner
range from 3-8 hour events, and start at $59 and up!These tours are not only extraordinarily
informational, but also a ton of fun! Come experience all that California’s Emerald Triangle has to offer!

PHONE: (510) 473-7456


You can also find Cannabis Friendly Accommodations in California through Kush Tourism, and don’t forget to take a peek at our FAQs for more information about California’s current legal environment. Also, if you have a California medical marijuana card, you can currently make a purchase at one of California’s many Medical Dispensaries!

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