Level Up Wellness Center

LEVEL -UP- WELLNESS CENTER is a collective of patients serving patients located in the East Bay area and now expanding into Palo Alto.
Our number one priority at all times is customer service. Your experience with us will have you leaving our meet ups satisfied in every way!  Our goal is to provide you with the best medicines at the best prices with the convenience of your desired location and the most discreet and pleasant experience/atmosphere as possible.

​We carry a unique inventory of topicals, flowers, and concentrates including ‘space foam.’  We are also pleased to offer edibles such as healthy snacks and many amazing culinary delights.  We Support Small Artisanal Farmers and believe that California has the absolute best quality of Cannabis.  It is our goal to ‘plant the seed’ and build relationships with these small organic farmers that need our support!

Please medicate responsibly.​
Level Up Wellness Center Mission:
De-schedule it!

Help each person who dials our number truly feel cared for, valued, and respected.

Create an extraordinary environment of medical care, honesty, and friendliness.

Protect medical cannabis patients by providing safe and affordable alternative to the dangerous circumstances of the illegal black market of drugs.

Honor the trust provided by our fellow citizens by faithfully and rigorously observing and enforcing the laws of the progressive visionary state of California.

We will continuously educate ourselves in order to impart knowledge upon those around us.  We will strive to correct the misleading information of the past six decades and inform the public about marijuana.  We will post links to editorials that educate viewers with facts.

Support the Medical Marijuana Movement and fight for legalization for recreational use.  We will post current industry news from across the country including law changes and industry practices.  We will provide reviews, scientific studies, strain lineage, farmer info and contact information for marijuana wholesale, infused product suppliers, and other industry services.

Protect the safety, tranquility and cleanliness of our immediate neighborhood. We believe if we “Take Care of the Locals, They’ll Take Care of Our Establishment and Patients.”

Encourage engagement of the mind-body-soul healing process.

Encourage product quality, customer service, and integrity in the legal marijuana industry.

Our goal is to open a Bay Area international gaming lounge for eventual recreational use…And we need your help to grow nationwide!  We can not do it without YOUR HELP!

Call us: 707.303.0705 -or- 510.696.1008

​Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday: 9:00am – 9:00pm

Closed for most Postal holidays, unless special requests provided ahead. 

We request a $50 minimum for called in delivery ($60 minimum for web order).  Most Oakland deliveries require no minimum