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With just over 122,000 people in town, Victorville is the 48th largest town in all of California. People love coming to town for a wide variety of reasons, including the famed Route 66 Museum, but the town is most commonly known for Bonita Falls.

Bonita Falls is a glorious sight to see that photographs simply don’t do justice. This natural waterfall is more accurately described as waterfallS! The fall is split into three tiers, and the canyon above the falls has an additional two waterfalls as well. These falls stand nearly 500 feet tall, and are the second biggest waterfalls in the state. This area is typically pretty quiet, although well loved, so while you may see some other people out here, most treat the area with the sense of reverence and respect that it is due. The sights here are awe inspiring, and while we wouldn’t recommend you try to puff here, eating an edible beforehand might not be the worst idea! That being said, don’t do anything out here that you would look back on with anything but fond and proud memories down the road.

The Route 66 Museum is also located here in town, and folks love the facility for its ability to transport you back in time to the age of doo-wop and greasers. This place is really cool if you love old cars or think you look just like Pinky Tuscadero in a poodle skirt. Also, the Barrel House is nearby, so you can reminisce about old Happy Days episodes over a frosty cold one!

As luck would have it, there is one medical marijuana dispensary in town, but that won’t do ya any good if you don’t have a medical card! The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) was passed on the 8th of November, and the recreational use of cannabis has been legalized for adults over the age of 21 in the state of California! Check back here for more information and to find out what comes next for the town of Victorville! Hopefully the result is many recreational shops opening in or around town!

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