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Home to about 121,000 people, the town of Vallejo is the 50th largest city in the state of California. The town was incorporated officially in 1868, and was briefly the state’s capital, but that didn’t last long. The town sits about 24 miles Northeast of Downtown San Francisco, and has about 19 miles of beach property on the coast. Today the town is well loved for all of its beaches, but also its extraordinary attractions too!

Vallejo is home to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom theme park, and folks love the thrill rides and games found here at the park. With some of the fastest rollercoasters in the state, this park sees many visitors on a daily basis, and there are so many different games and unique things to do in the park, that one day simply isn’t enough to see it all!

Vallejo is also loved for the Empress Theater. This facility features some of the hottest names in contemporary music playing live on a nightly basis. Music isn’t all the theater boasts though, they also see live performances of theatrical productions as well as comedy acts. This is an ideal place to see a live performance of any kind in the Bay Area.

Jackpot! Vallejo has over 10 medical marijuana dispensaries, and it is a safe bet to assume that since the Adult Use of Marijuana Act passed on the 8th of November, that Vallejo will be one of the first places to open recreational cannabis shops once able to do so legally. Check back here for more news regarding Vallejo and their pot scene to find out what comes next for this awesome town!

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