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With a population of just over 305,000, Stockton is the 13th largest city in California. Interestingly enough, Stockton was the first city in the state not to carry a name of Spanish or Native American origins, go figure! The town was founded in 1849, and was officially incorporated shortly thereafter in 1850. In and around town there are thousands of miles of navigable water, and this area is known as the California Delta. These waterways contributed to the growth of the town as the Gold Rush was going on, and helped trade grow significantly in this area.

Today, Stockton’s Downtown and Waterfront districts are beloved by many for all of the watersports opportunities you could possibly imagine, and a rich culture with many museums and theaters. The Bob Hope (Fox) Theater is heralded as one of the coolest places to see live music in the state. If you’re more into musical theater and opera, the Conservatory of Music at the University of the Pacific has a calendar of events that is so jam packed, you’ll always find something great to see!

If you live for getting out on the water, you may consider a relocation to Stockton, if you haven’t already! With all the waterways around, there’s endless opportunities for swimmers, kayakers, stand-up paddleboarders and and more! There’s also a huge amount of marinas and boat launches, so getting out there is easier than ever! If you love boats, yet travel light, there are tons of rentals out there, and even cruises and tours like the Opportunity Cruises.

There currently are only a few marijuana dispensaries in Stockton, but since the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was enacted in November, you can expect some recreational marijuana shops to open in the Stockton area in the near future.

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