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Santa Rosa is the 28th largest city in California, and with a population of about 175,000 residents, the town is well loved by many. The town was officially incorporated in 1868 and grew steadily. The city was the 8th largest in the entire state in 1870, which says quite a lot considering the Gold Rush that was going on.

Today, the town serves as a suburban homeland for many who work in the San Francisco Bay Area. The town is also loved for offering a wide variety of uniquely Californian experiences. From Santa Rosa, one could easily explore downtown San Francisco, marvel at the Redwoods, play in the surf on the coast, or meander through wine trails.

In the heart of downtown Santa Rosa, there’s tons of funky little boutique shops and coffee parlors. This city has a lot of heart and a super interesting culture. The town is also home to the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Schulz was the creator of the beloved comic strip Peanuts, and this museum is one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen. The facility houses many original pieces of art and original comic strips as well. There is everything from large sculptures and mosaics to film strips and other memorabilia. Check out the museum if you’re even remotely into Peanuts, it’s super cool.

Another thing that people love about Santa Rosa is the Safari West. This facility gives those who haven���t yet had the chance to travel the globe to see some of the most exciting animals from around the world, up close and personal. Giraffes, cheetahs, water buffalo and more can be seen on these traditional safari style adventures, amongst many other animals as well! I promise you there’s nothing quite like seeing a gorilla while baked – though I think it goes without saying, definitely DON’T consume marijuana while on these tours. Edibles on the other hand are a completely different story…

Santa Rosa is lucky enough to have four different medical marijuana dispensaries, and you can expect with its proximity to the Bay Area that since the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed on November 8th, that recreational marijuana shops will open as soon as possible! Check back soon!

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