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With a population of around 335,000, Santa Ana is the 11th largest town in California. The town was founded in 1869 and was later incorporated in 1886. The town grew rapidly with a railway station built as a thoroughfare from Los Angeles to San Diego. Later on, the town was the home to many large businesses, like airplane producers, Glenn L. Martin Aviation Company. Around World War II, the Santa Ana Army Air Base was formed, and trained many who would be going to war at their facility.

Today, the town is a bustling metropolitan area that has much to offer in the ways of shopping and fine dining experiences! The Main Place Shopping Center is a fan favorite for its huge variety of retail shops, over 6 movie theaters, restaurants, hair salons, and pretty much anything else you can imagine! It’s easy to get lost in all the options this facility can offer!

The town is also home to the Observatory Theater, which is a really cool room to see live music or performing arts in! The theater books everything from well known pop acts, to underground DJ’s and local bands. They strive to offer something for every type of music fan!

There are currently around 26 marijuana dispensaries in Santa Ana, and you can expect many more recreational shops will open in the near future since the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed in November. With so many options, it may be hard to choose which shop, and that’s a great problem to have!

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