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“The Bay,” San Francisco is a truly epic metropolis located on the coast in Northern California. While one million people call the city home, San Francisco has a population density rivaled only by New York City (18,500 people per square mile). It is the epicenter for NorCal and the surrounding areas, which makes for a constantly buzzing city.
As with the rest of the state of California recreational cannabis is now legal, and so is medical! Good weed is even remotely hard to find, almost anywhere you walk around the city there will be a nice smell and someone to sell it to you, but be smart! The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) was passed on the eighth of November, and once recreational shops open, weed will be so prevalent in the city, you’ll be picking it up off the streets! Public consumption is still illegal, but the police force has it as a no priority, just be careful and courteous to those around you.
San Francisco is a very weed friendly city; the hippie movement was essentially founded in the Haight & Ashbury district, which has not really changed too much since the 60s (you can walk down the street and be offered anything you can imagine). San Francisco was home to many of the essential hippie / rock n roll musicians: The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Joe Cocker and countless others all spent a good amount of their time in San Francisco.
San Francisco was also the birthplace of acid, with the global progressive movement to follow it. The music and art culture is very strong in ‘Frisco; from giant murals spanning entire buildings, to seemingly random art projects on every corner of the city.
In keeping with this live music tradition, the annual Outside Lands Festival takes place in the historic Golden Gate Park. The three-day event focuses on music and art, along with plenty of eats and craft beer.
Following the 60s, San Francisco became the epicenter for gay rights, up to but not concluding with the assassination of Harvey Milk in 1978. The Castro District is one of the best and most loyal areas dedicated to anything and everything LGBTQ, if you are looking for a major culture shock we recommend taking a bus or an Uber to the area.
San Francisco is extremely liberal and will make sure you know it; public drug consumption, nudity and anything associated with being a free spirit is highly encouraged, readily on display.
Not to be outdone by its social counterparts, the activities and sights in San Francisco are plentiful. The Golden Gate Bridge, Candlestick Point, The Fisherman’s Wharf, and over 220 public parks are at your disposal to enjoy the beautifully mild weather, anytime of the year.
San Francisco is also home to The Giants, The 49ers, and the new World Champion NBA team The Warriors (Kevin Durant just signed a contract), so there are plenty of sports enthusiasts in the city and millions of tourists that visit for these events.
The climate of San Francisco is also something of pride for the area; temperatures on average hover around 63 degrees, with an annual precipitation of only 23.5 inches. The fog is a big talking point and one that will leave you chilly and maybe even a little damp. With rolling hills and a waterfront vista, San Francisco is a global city, one that we here at Kush Tourism absolutely love. For a full directory of cannabis shops in California, click here.

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