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Sitting pleasantly in Northern California, near the border of Oregon, a city of 91,000 outdoors fanatics rests. Located in the Sacramento valley sprawling into the Cascade Foothills, Redding enjoys its isolation and clean fresh air. Originally a large player in the timber industry it has now moved into the services sector, while also being one of the largest areas in the country for startups and startup outsourcing.
Redding is very cannabis friendly, with more than a few dispensaries and growers in the city servicing the medical Marijuana industry. Public consumption is still illegal but the locals engage in this display against authority frequently, in a discreet manner. If you wish to indulge in cannabis, you might want to do so in private or use a vape-pen when in public. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) was passed on the eighth of November, so now marijuana is legal for adults over the age of 21! Once recreational shops start opening, Redding will likely have some available in town.
The city has a long-standing past of being heavily involved in the outdoors whether it is hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, or backpacking; there are plenty of outdoor activities. The BMX wheel was actually created in Redding, by Skyway Wheels. In fact one of Skyways “Tuff wheels,” sits in the Smithsonian Museum. Cycling has a storied past in Redding, in fact the Wright brothers had a bicycle shop in the city in the early 1900s.
One of the world first organized downhill races, The Whiskey Downhill was started in Redding as a local shop promotion. To this day Lemurian Shasta Classic happens every year on the last weekend of April.
The Redding Trail System is also a must do for travelers coming through Redding; spanning over 20 miles, it spans the city and the surrounding areas. This trail system goes through the old and new parts of the city, crosses multiple rivers, and takes a few different names depending on where you are in the city. For a full directory of cannabis shops in California, click here.