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With a population of about 153,000, Pomona is the 35th largest town in the state of California. Located in Los Angeles County, and in the Pomona Valley, the town is home to many who work and recreate in LA. The town was officially incorporated in 1888, and has grown rapidly since. The town was once known as “The Queen of the Citrus Belt,” due not only to their proximity to fertile soil that produces some of the world’s best fruit, but also because of their socio-economic status. The town has been one of the more well-off areas in the state for almost 100 years, and even once was where major film producers tested their films on audiences to see how they would fare with the rest of the country. This is pretty indicative of the fact that the town is mostly middle to upper-middle class, but still fairly diverse in race and ethnicity.

Pomona is also a highly religious town. That being said, there isn’t any one religion that stands out as the clear majority – in fact there are over 120 different churches in town that represent most all of the major religions around the world. It is really cool to see this many people of varying beliefs living together peacefully.

Every year people travel from all over to come to Pomona to attend the Classic Car show at the Fairplex, which is a real treat! There’s so many cars that have been cleaned up and restored to showcase the engineering and ingenuity that it took to build these beautiful machines. This event is fun for all ages, and is part of makes Southern California so unique.

Unfortunately there aren’t any retail marijuana shops in Pomona, but since the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed on November 8th, hopefully some recreational shops will open in the area soon!

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