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Moreno Valley is a town of about 204,000 people, and is located in sunny Southern California. The town neighbors Riverside, which is also a bustling city.

The town was known internationally for many years due to having a professional racetrack that was operational in town from 1957 to 1989. The track was used in countless Nascar, Indycar, drag, and motorcycle races, amongst other types as well! For those who had the need for speed, The Riverside International Raceway was the place to be!

Today, the Moreno Valley Mall sits on the famed spot where these races were previously held. The mall features some of the most unique shops in the area. The mall also offers many food options, and is a great place to shop!

For those who want to relive the old glory days on the race track, there is the Perris Auto Speedway where drivers can take go carts, and other types of vehicles around a mud track course in the nearby town of Perris. Some things never truly die, and this area’s love of motorsports is one of those things!

There’s currently one medical marijuana dispensary in town, but because the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) passed in November, it is possible that recreational marijuana shops will open in town in the future! Keep an eye out!

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