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Located in sunny Southern California, Los Angeles gloriously sits on the Pacific Coast. Los Angeles is the second largest city in California, and its cultural melting pot fully demonstrates this. The entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is home to year round sunshine and over four million people (18 million if we count the surrounding areas). On November 8th, 2016, voters passed Proposition 64 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana!
It is not uncommon for people to indulge in marijuana in public, but the norm these days is with a vape-pen, as it is more discreet. While Los Angeles is very pot friendly, there aren’t yet any recreational shops open to the public. Rec shops should open by January 2018, and we’re so excited to see how California responds to having access to legal herb! There are plenty of delivery services available (some if you don’t even have a medical card), but that decision is up to you. Essentially, enjoy your cannabis however you feel, but be courteous of those around you.
Home to The Los Angeles Lakers, The Clippers, The Galaxy, The Angels, The Dodgers, The Kings, The Ducks and now The Rams; there is no shortage of major league sports for any and every person to enjoy. Year round sports are a big deal for the city and millions of tourists a year will flock here exclusively to experience any one of these games.
Film, music, art, science, food are all major draws for Los Angeles, it is essentially the cultural center of the United States, next to New York City. Hollywood is located in Los Angeles and any and every movie star has a home in or around the city. Music production studios are all over and many of these world-class musicians can be driving down the road or enjoying food at a local eatery; it is not uncommon to run into someone “famous.” In a way, “anybody who is anybody lives in Los Angeles.”
There are 841 museums and art galleries in Los Angeles, making it the highest amount of museums per capita than any other city in the world; a global culture is strongly represented here. Los Angeles is also a trendsetter for the world, especially in terms of fashion; after Paris, Los Angeles is the spot designers test out their newest looks before it spreads across the rest of the country.
Surrounded on three sides by mountains reaching over 10,000 feet and also being on the coast creates a multifaceted type of topography and outdoors environment. Many runners or hikers love the area called “Runyon Canyon Park,” a 160-acre public park located at the end of the Santa Monica Mountains. With so many beaches close by, you can get the best of the big city and then relax on Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Malibu or Venice Beach to name a few.
One of the biggest advantages for Los Angeles is the fantastic year round weather, in fact it is actually a rare occurrence for it to rain, Los Angeles receives only about 14.93 inches of precipitation a year. The average temperature a year hovers around 63.8 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average high of 71.7 (dang this sounds pretty good to us).
Enjoy Los Angeles, the sun is always shining, the cannabis is plentiful, and who knows maybe you will run into your favorite movie star. For a full directory of cannabis shops in California, click here.

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