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Just 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles you find yourself in the beautiful city of Long Beach. Long Beach borders Los Angeles but is more of a surfer meets college town vibe; California State University has a campus with over 35,000 students. With approximately 470,000 citizens in the city proper, Long Beach is by no means small and the constant buzz around the city can attest to that.
Medical cannabis is readily available at any one of the dispensaries, but recreational marijuana is still hard to get your hands on. Once retails shops are licensed they will begin to open across the state! The city is very young, and has a very lax approach to marijuana enforcement, just be smart! If you have to consume cannabis, do so in private or on a side street, but be discreet either way. Better yet, buy a vape-pen! The aroma is weaker, dissipates quickly and uses oil instead of flower.
Belmont Shores is a popular destination for locals and for tourists, with cool water temperatures and warm sand, it is a must visit. With such a large college population, college students and other young peoples are always out enjoying themselves; one of the more popular areas for bars and restaurants is Second Street. Located right on the water in the Belmont neighborhood, the Second Street block is a short walk from the ocean to any one of the local watering holes. Belmont Shores is home to over 250 businesses so there is plenty of shopping, eating and drinking to be done, all within waling distance of the ocean.
Rosie’s Beach is a popular destination for all dog lovers in the area as it is the only off-leash dog park in all of Los Angeles County.
Long Beach is also home to the Aquarium of The pacific, a 5-acre site located on Rainbow harbor, it features over 12,500 primarily originating the Pacific Ocean. Rated as one of the top Aquariums in the world, it is a must see for any visitor. Located right across the bay from the aquarium is the RMS Queen Mary, once a 1936 Art Deco liner, it is now a renovated hotel with frequent concerts and events. The Queen Mary is permanently docked in Long beach and also home to an excellent maritime museum. For a full directory of cannabis shops in California, click here.