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Famous for its 9.5-mile long strip of beautiful, pristine white sandy beach, Huntington Beach sits on the coast, in the surf capital of the United States. It has even gone so far to trademark “Surf City USA,” because of the year round swells that seem to be never ending. It has such an historic surfing past time that Huntington Beach is home to the International Surfing Museum, with exhibits dedicated to the culture, traditions and storied past of surfing all through the world.
Even with the state legalization of medical cannabis, and the recent AUMA vote in November to legalize recreational cannabis, Huntington Beach currently stands firm in its overall ban of sales the plant. While the city is not very cannabis friendly, people do smoke in public (discreetly) or will use a vape-pen instead (it doesn’t smell).
While events like the U.S Open of Surfing takes place every year in Huntington Beach, the city is very posh and conservative. Huntington Beach takes pride in its appearance and believes marijuana diminishes its beautiful facade. With the amount of tourism and cash that flows through the economy as a result of being such a high demand surf destination, they do not see much of an incentive to lift their ban. For a full directory of cannabis shops in California, click here.