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With a population just over 151,000, the town of Escondido is the 38th largest in the state of California. Located about 30 miles Northeast of San Diego, the town was officially incorporated in 1888, and has grown rapidly ever since. The word “Escondido” means “hidden” in Spanish, and some say that the town was named this because it was a hidden treasure.

The town focused its early efforts on agricultural pursuits. Grapes were heavily produced in the fertile soil in town, as well as citrus fruits and olives. The quality of produce in the area has always been extraordinarily high, and it helped the town thrive.

Today the town is fairly artsy and has many facilities that showcase the talents of many local artists. There is the California Center for the Arts Escondido, which always features many different styles of art, ranging from visual art to performing arts, this center has it all. There is also the Queen Califia’s Magic Circle, which features some beautiful sculptures that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy! The highlight of the sculpture park is the famed “Snake Wall,” which features several different mediums, including mosaics. This park is a really cool area to check out if you love artistic expression and the great outdoors!

If getting outside is high on your to-do list, the Ranch at Bandy Canyon is just the place for you! What better way to explore sunny California, than on the back of a beautiful horse following trails through palm trees and wild flowers.
Unfortunately there aren’t any retail marijuana locations in Escondido, but because the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed on the 8th of November, it is possible that some recreational shops could open in the near future!

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