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The town of El Monte has a population of just over 116,000 residents, making it the 52nd largest city in the state of California. The town isn’t a huge area, only about 7 by 4 miles, but has been loved by many since its official incorporation in 1912. The town thrived on the production of fruits and vegetables sprouting out of their extremely fertile soil.

The town was also well loved for their musical offerings. Distinctly Californian acts like Richie Valens, the Grateful Dead, and Dick Dale often played shows at the El Monte Legion Stadium, and hippies from all over flocked to town to sway in their tie-dye and smoke some grass while hearing their favorite songs.

Today, the area is home to a large Hispanic population, and as a result there is some of the best Mexican food in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area located right here in El Monte. One local spot that El Monte residents love is called Antojito My Amor. This restaurant has classic Mexican dishes, and they’re prepared in an authentic manner that never fails to satisfy!

Unfortunately there aren’t currently any retail marijuana stores in El Monte, but since the Adult Use of Marijuana Act was passed on the 8th of November, maybe some recreational shops will open within city limits in the near future. If the city of El Monte decides they don’t want to allow any shops in town, have no fear, LA isn’t too far away, so a short drive won’t be too bad!

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