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Home to Disneyland and The Mighty Ducks, Anaheim is located about 25 miles south east of downtown Los Angeles. With a population of 350,000 citizens, Anaheim claims the second largest city in terms of land in Orange County.Disneyland is the largest draw of tourists for Anaheim and there is no sign of that slowing down; in 2015 the park saw 18.3 million visitors.
To be completely honest, Anaheim is not cannabis friendly at all. The city has a full ban on the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana within the city limits. We do not recommend consuming cannabis in Anaheim, but if you must we recommend discretion or a vape-pen. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) was just passed on the eighth of November, so maybe the city will relax a little, but our best advice is to be careful!
Also home to the MLB team The Angels and the NHL team The Ducks, sports and amusement parks are the moneymakers for Anaheim. The city is very neighborhood friendly, with sprawling suburbs and active families. Anaheim is a major business hub for the state of California, boasting the largest business park in the state. Disneyland alone contributes $255 million dollars annually, in taxes.
With millions of tourists and local Californians flocking to Anaheim for Disneyland, The Ducks, and The Angels there is a lot of opportunity for the city of Anaheim to capitalize. While legal marijuana can bring in a windfall of tax revenue, they do not really need the money nor are they looking to deal with some of the negative consequences that come along with cannabis. For a full directory of cannabis shops in California, click here.

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