Washington Cannabis Transportation Services

After getting a chance to talk with many producer/processors in Washington about some of the issues that they face on a daily basis, we got an overwhelming response that making long-distance deliveries is a time consuming process that isn’t very cost effective. Many... Continue reading

Oregon 2016 Cannabis Tax Revenue Breakdown

Despite several speed bumps regarding the protocols and procedures for the scientific testing of cannabis products, the legal cannabis scene in Oregon had a pretty good year! The state legalized cannabis for recreational use in November of 2014, and started making legal... Continue reading

California Cannabis Cash

If you’ve ever been to the state of California, you already know about the huge amount of agricultural production. From the grapes in wine country to the almond and citrus fruit farms that cover the rest of the state, the state makes a huge amount of money from the... Continue reading

Trump Inauguration Smoke Sesh

Are you as freaked out as the rest of us about what is going to happen on January 20th when Donald Trump is sworn in as President of these here United States? One group has the solution for all the jitters and anxiety, the Washington D.C. Cannabis Coalition recommends... Continue reading

Kush 21 Holiday Canned Food Drive

The Holiday Season is upon us, and Kush 21 in Burien is certainly feeling moved by the holiday spirit! The shop was the first in town and has worked tirelessly to not only create a name for themselves, but also to substantiate themselves as being one of the best things to... Continue reading