Media Attention for Seattle Cannabis Tourism

Last week alone Kush Tourism was featured on three major Travel Media Outlets!  National Geographic “Years from now, people will look at us as part of the cultural landscape, as we now do with museums,” says the enthusiastic Michael Gordon, CEO of Kush... Continue reading

Pot Stores near Seatac Airport

Pot Stores Made Convenient for Seatac Travelers Des Moines, Washington, 21 October 2014 – The legalization of Cannabis has provided a tangible boost to Washington Tourism. Located only 5 miles from the SeaTac Airport, Greenside Recreational is the first cannabis... Continue reading

Masters of the Pipe – Pipe Masters Collab

Glassblowing is a demanding art and no joke. It takes insane amounts of vision, patience and skills to create the one-of-a-kind glass pieces you see in stores. On our first Kush Tour last spring, we got a taste of glassblowing at 7 Point Studios’ Boro School. We fumbled... Continue reading