Is BHO Bad for you? 3 Reasons Why.

Is BHO Bad? Butane Hash Oil has a bad wrap, but why? There are a couple good reasons that BHO has a bad reputation, backyard explosions and residual solvents. With the unregulated nature of production in the black market, there are a lot of mistakes made in the extraction... Continue reading

How much does legal weed cost in Oregon?

Portland Marijuana Shops On October 1st, anyone over the age of 21 can purchase Cannabis flowers from Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. Residents and visitors are excited to participate in this historic shift in Oregon law. One of the biggest questions is what... Continue reading

Top 5 Stoner Guitarist

5. Jimmy Page The world famous guitarists for Led Zeppelin has certainly smoked his fair share of green. As well as other renown substances. Being that Led Zeppelin made a name for themselves by skipping on the public interviews, and instead they were made famous by their... Continue reading

Top 5 Strains for Sleep

We all know that Marijuana has been used to treat insomnia for thousands of years, but with the regulations on the recreational shops and restrictions on advice, this guide will be able to help you if you’re having problems hitting the hay. Because marijuana is a... Continue reading