30 Influential Moments For Cannabis

2900 BC: Chinese Cannabis Cannabis use dates back over thousands of years. The earliest known use of cannabis for its medicinal properties can be traced back to ancient China. Fu Hsi, a Chinese Emperor credited for bringing civilization to China, stated cannabis was a... Continue reading
Mt. Boro with the Glass Gods

Mt. Boro with the Glass Gods

Six nights ago I embarked on an adventure to go to the Seattle Pipe Masters Collab . HAHA I sat in my car almost hyperventilating over the idea that I get to meet some the most sought after glass artists of the world. Once I got over my silly fandom, yes I giggled,... Continue reading

The Seattle Pipe Masters Collab

What is the Seattle Pipe Masters Collab you may be asking? Well….. Seattle PipeMasters Collab will feature the work of ten days of collaboration between twenty-five glass artists from around the world, October 15-25, 2014. Some of the top artists in the industry will work... Continue reading