Kush Marketplace: Returns & Rejections

Kush Marketplace: Returns & Rejections Tutorial / By Tyler Lamont / July 31, 2018 By now everybody has dealt with returns and rejections in I502. It can get messy, but as long as fair practices are followed there is a place for fair rejections and returns. In short,... Continue reading

Tips & Tricks for Smoking in the Wilderness

Its summer time here in the PNW and many of us will be hitting the trails and streams in order to get our annual dose of Nature. Before packing your packs and stringing up your boots take a review of these few wilderness etiquette rules we wrote up as well as useful... Continue reading

Incorporating CBD Into Your Cuisine

            Incorporating CBD isolate into your cuisine.   CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, is commonly isolated from hemp into its crystalline form, where it is available to be purchased across the country. Although... Continue reading