Sitka Marijuana Information

Located on the Alaskan Gulf, on the south end of Baranof Island sits Sitka a coastal city of 9,000 rugged citizens. While the local hospitals employ many in the city, the main driving force for the people of Sitka is the ocean. Over 18% of the population works in the seafood industry, the rest in medical and service industries. Sitka is also home to the 6th largest port in the United States related to seafood harvesting.
There are currently no cannabis dispensaries in Sitka, but many grow it in their own private homes. It would be smart to source before arriving in Sitka or find a connection in the city. Recreational marijuana shops are beginning to open around the state, so check back soon for updates on if Sitka has opened any of their own! Law enforcement has made marijuana a low priority, but with the upcoming legislative session in November of 2016, we will see a framework laid and implemented across the state. As this situation changes, we will keep this updated.
Tourism is also an economic driver for Sitka, from kayaking in the Sitka channel to backpacking the Baranof Cross-Island Trail. There is even a 7 mile guided hike up Mount Edgecombe, a dormant volcano.
There are plenty of outdoors based activities to be had in Sitka, along with some fresh seafood. Go enjoy the isolation, as the city is only accessible by boat or plane. For a full directory of cannabis information in Alaska, click here.