Ketchikan Marijuana Information

Alaska’s southeasternmost city, located on the Inside passage, Kethcikan is home to 8,500 citizens. Located on Revillagigedo Island, Kethikan is rich in its Native American history, even boasting the largest collection of standing totems. Originally the city was founded for the purpose of canning salmon, and has been dubbed the salmon canning capital of the world; commercial fishing is one of the biggest economic drivers for the city.
Now the city relies on government services based in the area and cruise ship tourism as its main source of income and tax revenue. Recreational marijuana retail shops are beginning to open, so check back soon for a directory of locations! The city is pretty lax on public consumption but be courteous of others and maybe use a vape-pen or consume in a private residence.
There are some world-class attractions and parks to visit; The Misty Fiords National Park, the Totem heritage center, the Tongass National Forest, and the Alaskan Rainforest Sanctuary are all based in Ketchikan.
If your goal is to truly disconnect, get some Native history or you wish to enjoy the Misty Fiords, we recommend visiting Ketchikan during the summer months; it might be a little too cold for most people in the winter! For a full directory of cannabis information in Alaska, click here.