Juneau Marijuana Information

A city that is a perpetual island, with no roads connecting to the outside world, Juneau is pleasantly isolated. The capital city of Alaska, with roughly 33,000 people calling Juneau home is cozy and stunning. Sitting at the base of Mount Juneau, its namesake, the city relies on tourism and fishing for most of its economic income. The only way in or out of Juneau is by plane, boat or a ferry from Douglas Island across the way; the isolation is one of the reasons people love the city.
While over 1,000 businesses have operations in Juneau, cruise ships bring over 1 million people a year though its streets, sometimes pumping 6,000 fresh visitors into the population through May and September. While it is not the largest in the state, the fishing industry hauls in anything from 12-17 million pounds of fish and shellfish to sell around the world.
Juneau is a cannabis friendly city, and the laws are very lax about public consumption, in terms of enforcement. You will regularly see or smell the citizens indulge in their cannabis, but for safety’s sake we recommend a vape-pen. As of September 2016, marijuana is fully legal and as of October, shops have been given the OK to begin setting up for operation. If there isn’t one open yet, there will be soon, so check back soon for updates from us.
As the legislature is holding an emergency session on developing a framework for recreational sale and taxation of legal marijuana, we will keep this page updated with results of that event as it passes. For a full directory of cannabis information in Alaska, click here.