Fairbanks Marijuana Information

Located a frigid 120 miles South of the Arctic Circle, Fairbanks sits isolated as the northernmost metropolitan area in the United States. Considered the gateway to The Denali, the area sees thousands of extreme athletes an tourists each year. The city is also a hub for cruise ships, bringing in tens of thousands of visitors in the summer months. In fact the economy of Fairbanks is built on tourism and on taxes; 5% tax on alcohol, 16% on tobacco, and an 8% tax on hotel reservations.
The city boasts 33,000 full time citizens but another 100,000 in the entire metropolitan area. This total would make Fairbanks the second highest populated city in Alaska, next to Anchorage. The city is quite cannabis friendly, with the legalization and the privacy laws of Alaska, people do not care and law enforcement has public consumption as a low priority. In 2014, the north borough voted 56.5% in favor of legalization with most of the precincts following suit.
Retail marijuana shops are beginning to open in and near Fairbanks, find one and take care of business!. For a full directory of cannabis information in Alaska, click here.

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