Anchorange Marijuana Information

Resting on the Cook Inlet in the south-central portion of Alaska is Anchorage. Anchorage is a visibly stunning city right at the base of the Chugach mountain Range. The city is a buzzing midway hub for multinational logistics corporations and oil transportation. One could entertain the idea that there is nothing in such a cold isolated locale, but they would be wrong. Over 300,000 people claim anchorage as home, with millions of people passing through every year; it is close to a 9-½ hour plane ride in either direction to another major metropolitan area.
The consumption of cannabis is legal in Alaska, but the sale is still in a very grey area. SHops are beginning to open in town, and there are a handful of resources in Anchorage that allow paying members to exchange their own homegrown cannabis and a safe place to indulge. Some of these clubs are The Alaska Cannabis Club and Pot Luck Events. It is legal to consume cannabis in your own residence, due to Alaska’s privacy laws, so that might be your best bet. In November 2016, the legislature will be holding an emergency session with the goal of creating and implementing a legal framework for the local and city governments to follow (we will keep you updated). Public consumption is not legal but it is not foreign to smell it in the streets, our advice would be the use of a vape-pen. Again, it is legal to consume cannabis in your own residence or location, so keep it out of sight and blaze at home.
Anchorage is a major refueling hub for international trade and travel, and it is also a major cruise port, millions of tourists and visitors pass through Anchorage for a variety of reasons whether it is business or pleasure. Both BP, ConocoPhillips have major operations here and so does FedEx. One of the major pulls to Anchorage is the Alyeska Ski Resort just 24 miles away from the city. The countries largest ski resort, it boasts 1,400 acres of shredable terrain and over 2,500 lift accessible vertical feet. People travel from all over the world to visit Alyeska for it long steeps and epic views.
Anchorage is a wonderful city with a fantastic track record of being an all American city, being awarded in 1956, 1965, 1985, and 2002. The city is also incredibly tax friendly, boasting no sales tax but has a 12% tax on bed rentals and 8% tax on car rentals. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race takes place every march, starting in Anchorage, spanning 3 days and over 25.5-miles, it is the most iconic sporting event in Alaska to date. For a full directory of cannabis information in Alaska, click here.