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The state of Alaska has a law built into its constitution concerning the residents’ right to privacy, and cannabis use has always been somewhat protected under this law. In 1975, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled in Ravin v. State that Ravin had the right to possess, cultivate, and consume small amounts of marijuana in the home. While this state has perhaps the most liberal marijuana-related laws in the country, they are extremely complex and very confusing for most to understand. Current laws state that it is not illegal to possess less than 4 ounces of marijuana in a residence. Even though cannabis is legal, if you do find yourself in a pinch, check out our Alaska Cannabis Lawyers page for help!

On November 3rd, 1998, Alaska legalized medicinal use of marijuana. There are no dispensaries open, but there are groups like Alaska Cannabis Club who provide assistance to patients by connecting them with a place to purchase marijuana and have a Clubhouse in Anchorage where members can come to consume cannabis. Those who qualify for a medical marijuana card are allowed to have 1 ounce of usable marijuana and can grow up to 6 plants. Only three marijuana plants may be mature and flowering at 1 time.

Ballot Measure 2 passed in November 2014. The measure legalized recreational marijuana for people ages 21 and older, allowing adults over this age to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and up to six plants, with only three flowering at one time. It also made the manufacture, sale and possession of marijuana paraphernalia legal at the state level.

Public consumption is punishable by a $100 fine and travelers are encouraged to use discretion. You can get a DUI in Alaska but it is important to also know your rights. Drivers have the right to refuse a chemical test to screen for the presence of drugs when pulled over. The only exception to this is if the driver is involved in an accident that causes serious physical injury, in which case a blood sample can be taken.
If you do have an issue with a DUI, click the following link for a list of qualified lawyers: Alaska

Fun Fact: Alaska is well known for its strain Alaskan Thunder Fuck, a potent sativa strain. ATF originated in the Manatuska Valley in Alaska and you will find different versions of it throughout the state depending on where it was grown.

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Alaska FAQ

Is Marijuana legal in Alaska?

Yes, recreational marijuana has been legalized since Ballot Measure 2 passed in 2014, and shops are now open and ready for your business!

Where to buy Cannabis in Alaska?

Although cannabis is legalized, the only legal place to purchase marijuana is a state-licensed recreational marijuana store, stores are open now! More and more shops are opening up all the time! Anchorage now has over 20 shops operating! If you have an Alaska medical marijuana card, you can contact the Alaska Cannabis Club to be connected to a source for marijuana.

What do you need to purchase cannabis in marijuana shop?

All you need is any valid form of government-issued identification, from anywhere in the world, proving that you are over the age of 21.

What types of marijuana will the stores sell?

You will see a number of different flower strains categorized by their strains ranging from strong Indicas to strong Sativas and everything in between. Each strain can have different effects so be sure to ask the budtender for assistance in choosing the best marijuana for you. Strong Sativas strains are known for their general uplifting, energizing, and head high effects while Indicas are known for their full body highs and sedative effects.
Stores will also sell a number of other types of marijuana products, including but not limited to:

  • Concentrates: essential oils of the cannabis plant. Warning: these can be very potent!
  • Edibles: Cannabis infused foods, candies, or drinks. Warning: These can be very potent! Be sure to check the serving size before enjoying and remember the effects can take up to an hour to hit you.
  • Transdermal Products (Topicals): creams, lotions, massage oils and such infused with cannabis. These products are not psychoactive and will not get you high.
  • Seeds: seeds that can be used to grow your own marijuana plants. Stores will have many different strains of Indicas and Sativas.
  • Clones: healthy seedlings that are ready to be grown.

How much will it cost?

The price of marijuana depends on strain and quality, but you can expect marijuana prices to be between $10 and $30 per gram.

How much Marijuana can I buy?

The most marijuana you can purchase and possess at one time is one ounce (28 grams) and up to 6 plants for personal cultivation. No more than 3 plants may be flowering at one time.

Can I legally get Marijuana delivered in Alaska?

Legally, no. It is against the law to deliver cannabis in Alaska. It is a Class A Misdemeanor to deliver less than 1 oz, and a Class C Felony to deliver more than 1 oz, even if it is gifted without compensation. With this being said, there are several less-than-legal delivery services being offered. We would recommend you proceed with caution if you are bound and determined to have herb delivered to your door. Truly, we would recommend supporting legal and licensed retail locations, they help provide the state with the much-needed tax dollars that can help build more infrastructure within the state. Get out and support the legal AK Cannabis scene!

Can I take my purchase home if I live in another state or country?

No. All marijuana and marijuana products purchased in Alaska must be consumed in Alaska. Although both Alaska and Canada have liberal marijuana laws, we do not recommend crossing the border with cannabis. Once you cross the border into another country, the federal government may get involved, and the federal legislation is far behind state legislation when it comes to marijuana laws and will treat it as a federal crime.

Where can I consume my recent purchase?

In Alaska, you are legally allowed to use cannabis when you are on private property or outside the view of the general public. You may not use marijuana in public or on federal land.
Alaska is also the only state to have legalized cannabis cafes, which will allow on-site marijuana consumption. The Alaska Cannabis Club has a clubhouse in Anchorage where members can go to smoke.

How Many Marijuana Plants Can I Grow in Alaska?

Adults over the age of 21 may grow up to, but no more than 6 cannabis plants, with no more than 3 flowering simultaneously. This allows the maintenance of a pretty serious personal stash! Indoor grows may be ideal due to the funky light schedule in the state, especially in the winters where they rarely see the sun! If you are an Alaska native over the age of 21, grow some herb, you lucky Alaskans!

What is a dab?

Dabs are often compared to the hard liquor of the cannabis world and can be found in many forms. Dabs are the essential oils and waxes of the cannabis plant that are extracted and concentrated into a potent wax form. They are known for their high concentration of THC. Smoking a dab is much stronger than smoking flowers. If you are not a regular cannabis consumer with a high tolerance, we recommend using extreme caution.

If you’re considering purchasing or doing a dab, it is also important to know what is in the essential oil being offered or sold and if it is safe. Many extracts may not have been purged correctly and may contain residual amounts of butane or other solvents. CO2 oil is often noted as the safest oil because critical extraction machines that use CO2 as the only solvent extract it.
Read more about BHO and Concentrates here: “What’s the Buzz about BHO

Am I supporting a bad cause by buying recreational market? Should I stick to the black market?

No! Buy your weed legally. The taxes generated go to a good place.

When will state licensed stores open up?

The first dispensary opened in October 2016, and new shops are popping up around the state all the time.

Even though marijuana is legal, can I still get in trouble?

Yes. You can always get in trouble at the federal level, but as long as you follow the rules for marijuana in Alaska, state and local authorities will not have any issues with you. Even though cannabis is legal, if you do find yourself in a pinch, check out our Alaska Cannabis Lawyers page for help!

Can I get a DUI from driving while stoned?

YES, and it is strongly recommended that you do not drive while under the influence of marijuana. It is important to know your rights. In Alaska, there is no requirement that an individual suspected of driving under the influence is required to submit a chemical test in order to screen for the presence of drugs. Any submission has to be voluntary and there are no penalties for refusal of submitting a chemical test. The only exception is if you are involved in an accident that causes serious physical injury. In this case, the state can take a blood sample.

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