The Issue:

By now, if you live in a state where Cannabis is legal for recreational use, chances are that you have probably encountered a major flaw within the cannabis industry. What flaw is that? It is that when you walk into a recreational shop, if you don’t know exactly which product you plan to purchase, you are putting your well-being into someone else’s hands.

Just because budtenders spend 40 hours a week slanging cannabis products, does not mean that they are 100% knowledgeable about what products they carry, and each product’s individual characteristics.

The Solution:

While budtenders are the only point of contact most cannabis enthusiasts come across, shouldn’t they be more aware of what they are selling? At Ajoya Recreational’s two Colorado locations, they certainly think so! Joey Gindi, who owns the two shops says he had two major goals when the shops first opened. Those goals were to create destination shops that were not only comfortable, but also run by an exceptional team of individuals who were both highly experienced and highly knowledgeable.

Since opening in 2009, Gindi has been taking cannabis education very seriously. He wants to ensure that if a potential customer walks through his doors that he will have a staff that is more than capable of making the right recommendation – every time. He also does more than just lament a broken system.

Gindi not only produces internal training guides for his employees that break down specific products that are sold in shop, but he also offers them outside education opportunities at facilities like the Denver Consulting Group and the Trichome Institute. These facilities offer a wide variety of classes from Terpene Breakdowns to Cannabis Product and Sales Training courses.

Looking Forward!

Opportunities like this don’t come along every day in this country, and as more and more states are legalizing recreational Cannabis, the country could use more education on the subject.

“This industry – while rapidly-growing, is still in its infant state. If we can help do our part to educate the masses on the positive effects Cannabis can have on an individual, then we have succeeded in making the world a better place,” Gindi said.

We applaud Mr. Gindi and Ajoya Recreational for their dedication to not only Cannabis normalization, but also delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. They achieve this by having such a knowledgeable staff that can make legitimate recommendations based upon desired effect as opposed to pushing whatever products get them to their next sales goal.

What to do Next?

The next time you’re looking for high quality cannabis being sold by people who want to help you maximize the potential of your Cannabis experience, check out an Ajoya location! Want to find out where they are located? Check out our comprehensive Colorado Retail Map & Directory.

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Photo courtesy of Yelp