Step Out of the Shadows.  




The move indoors began with prohibition. As the tide of legalization turns, now is the time to embrace the loving rays of sunlight and our freedom to grow cannabis naturally.


Willie Nelson is well known for standing up and speaking out for the things that matter most. He’s been a loud and proud member of the “cannabis community” advocating for the production of sustainable and pesticide free cannabis since before the industry became legitimized. To Nelson, the continued longevity of smaller farms that cater to quality cannabis, and its consumers is what matters most. With the extreme growth of the cannabis industry over the past 3 years, it is easy to forget that only 30 years ago, there were few to none who spoke about the concerns over big agriculture, big tobacco, and its impact on the local-food community. Now, with the looming shadow of big marijuana in play, Nelson is committed to working with a variety of independent farmers who represent the roots of the movement and its future.


It’s something Willie Nelson cares about deeply – he founded Farm Aid over 30 years ago to support American family farms, and has continued to advocatefor these farms passionately. Here at Willie’s Reserve, they aim to honor cannabis cultivators in the same way, highlighting the farmer’s name right on the packaging, and sharing the stories of what makes each flower special and what makes each farm unique.



Nelson’s been quoted,


“I really believe in the environmental aspect of this. It’s a great way to revitalize small farms, and I want to make sure that any product we grow is as clean as we can make it and that, wherever possible, we’re trying to lower the environmental impact of our operations.”



And to sum it up simply,

“Why should I grow if this guy over here, or that guy, already has it?”


Willie Nelson







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