We’ve had a fantastic tour season and we couldn’t have done it without our stellar cast of tour partners. The outstanding team of experts working at Diego Pellicer, Drags Glass, 3 Howls, Dawg Star and Vela work tirelessly to bring you the most accurate information about every aspect of the cannabis industry from seed to sale as evidenced by the absolutely glowing reviews received across multiple platforms from participants like you.

Diego Pellicer All Stars

The tour guide industry is tough, there are so many amazing tours to choose from in the Emerald City and we are grateful to all of you who dared to be curious about the cannabis industry. Seattle has a rich history of being frontier land peopled by go-getters, entrepreneurs, free spirits and mavericks. It’s appropriate that it is also home to a new and thriving cannabis industry. We are proud to represent the trailblazers across the industry in multiple disciplines doing everything from farming to processing to innovating the retail game.

Team Dawg Star

Tourism has helped the cannabis industry break the 1 billion dollar mark in revenue early in the year and we aren’t stopping there. With every tour we do we normalize what was once taboo, we educate, we inspire, we create space for those among you willing to be the change that you seek in corners of the world where what we do is still inaccessible to members of the population that need it most. 2018 will bring with it even more innovations, more great deals and continued excellence in service.

Vela Squad


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It’s never to late to begin your Kush Adventure.Thank you for choosing Kush Tourism. See you in the year of the Dog friends!