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Adagio Inn

Denver, Colorado

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Living Waters Clothing-Optional Spa

Palm Springs, California

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Old Pioneer Garden B&B Guest Ranch

Unionville, Nevada

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Bowman’s Bear Creek Lodge

Hope, Alaska

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Bacon Mansion

Seattle, Washington

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Mt. Scott Manor

Happy Valley, Oregon

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Awesome tour with a glass blowing demo, they showed me awesome glass art and bongs that range up to the 20 thousand dollar price tag. Very informative if you’re looking to start in the industry or as a connoisseur. good deals and discounts on bud at dispensary’s is pluhighly recommend this tour for those of you that don’t know anything about weed and to those that are cannaisseur and wish to see the growing process and live plants meet excellent growers and get to know the industry.


Wonderful, informative, entertaining tour! You get out of it what you want…pay attention and you’ll learn so, so many things. Or simply be entertained by watching a glass blowing demo and seeing a grow operation.
The Kush tour guide was excellent, as well as the glass blower and DawgStar guide. The van was full of snackies and water, and we even stopped at a dispensary next to a deli that was a perfect lunch spot.


Excellent tour. Everyone is so nice, and friendly. I expect nothing less in this industry. The glass blowing was great, loved the demo. Enjoyed visiting Dawg Star. I’ll always remember this brand now. The retail stores are so nice. I do recommend the tour. Who knew legalization would be like this? I’m impressed with this industry, and the people supporting it.


If you are ever in Seattle and an advocate, you must take this tour! It’s about a 4 hr tour. They show you pipe making, the place they grow their plants, and oil extraction. Then you end up at a store and a sandwich shop. Very informative, very chill and fun!!


This tour was so awesome words can’t describe. It’s amazing that weed is legal for recreational use. Our tour guide Shane was very informative and did a great job! The tour was An eye opening experience into the Legal Marijuana tour. Each room they brought you in was better then the next. And it was really cool to see(and smell) the plants at every stage. I totally recommend that if your in Seattle, do this tour. You will  not regret it. It’s for everyone! The lab coat was cool too.


Everytime I have had a tour, the staff is so energetic and ready to tackle every new group of people that comes in through the doors. The last tour I went on was to dawg star, and what a great facility that was. The staff there made the experience.