Washington DC Marijuana Dispensary Map & Directory

This resource is for finding the closest legal weed shops to you. Although Washington DC has voted legalized recreational marijuana, the federal government continues to push back. The District continues to push for legalizing recreational shops, but for now, there are only medical dispensaries available to make purchases.  Unfortunately you cannot currently purchase marijuana legally unless you have a medical marijuana card. In November 2016, the District voted to allow medical marijuana reciprocity, so if you have a card that was legally issued from a medical state, you can shop for your meds in D.C. and this resource can help!

Here are a few resources to help you make informed decisions while visiting the Capital of America!

Marijuana Information and FAQs

Medical Dispensaries in Washington D.C.:

Takoma Wellness Center

Address: 6925 Blair Rd NW, Washington, DC 20012
Phone: 202-465-4260

Directions Hours
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Metropolitan Wellness Center

Address: 409 8th St SE #201, Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202-817-3920

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Info Map
Capital City Care

Address: 1334 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-670-4420

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