Weed ForestThe Washington state house and senate just unanimously voted to legalize hemp in Washington!

HB 2064 reads:

AN ACT Relating to removing industrial hemp from the scope of the
2 uniform controlled substances act; and reenacting and amending RCW

This is a really big deal for Washington! This bill has passed the Senate and House unanimously and now is awaiting Governor Jay Inslee’s signature. This law has some serious implications, read below.

Social Impact

Recreational marijuana, i-502 market, is highly regulate, and this law allows anyone to grow industrial hemp in their back yards. Maybe one day there will be endless fields of hemp cleaning the air and producing fiber and other products right here in Washington! Normalization of cannabis is happening!

Outdoor Farms

Outdoor farms may have a big problem on their hands. These producers are going to have issues with contamination from male spores/pollen. This means that outdoor sensimilla, spanish for “without seed,” may cease to exist in the state. At a minimum it will cost more because it will be harder to create.


If Washington can position itself as the leader of the hemp industry in the US, travelers from across the country will be visiting to see how we did it. People will want to know what a legal large scale hemp industry looks like, and how they can bring back a similar model to their state! Let the learning begin. I can’t wait to plant some in the back yard this summer.