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TheGroup_sm2In 2013, the idea for Kush Tourism grew from the tourism demand that Cannabis created in Amsterdam and the recent legalization of cannabis in Washington. Our first step was to launch our “Kush Tour” before the first retail store opened in Seattle.

From this initial concept we have grown into a much larger media company acquiring and building online and print resources serving clients in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, California, and Alaska.

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Kush Tourism delivers print and digital tourism resources to over 850,000 travelers each month and we continues to scale our presence to the recently legalized states of California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine.

playstore-icon & the Kush Guide mobile app are tools to show the closest marijuana shops to a user’s location. Serving over 70,000 users monthly, we strive to create a tool that is easy to use by both end consumers and cannabis business owners.

Our unique position within the industry has helped us earn a strong relationship with both retailers and producer/processors in the states of Oregon & Washington. Due to this relationship we decided to launch the Kush Guide Marketplace! This craigslist type marketplace has scaled quickly and is the largest cannabis wholesale marketplace in the Northwest.

logo-has-final-outlines-2 is a product and cannabis business review site focusing solely on the Seattle market. High Above Seattle has a strong SEO presence and a parallel mission to our Kush brands.  We look forward to growing and As a review site, High Above Seattle has earned a loyal audience of cannabis connoisseurs who trust our individual product and shop recommendations.

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