Maine Towns Pump The Breaks on Pot Shops and Clubs

We’re still over two weeks out from the big decision, and officials from cities and towns across the state of Maine are scrambling to institute moratoriums and bans on any sort of marijuana related business or social club from opening where they live and govern – at least for the … Continue reading

Origins in West Seattle Goes The Extra Mile

Of all the recreational marijuana stores in the state of Washington, Origins in West Seattle is one of the most dedicated shops out there. The store takes quality very seriously, to the extent that they do their own independent rigorous testing, random grow inspections, and more to guarantee that a … Continue reading

Most Expensive Marijuana Products of 2016

Do you know someone who has more money than god? You know, the type who has to have the best or most expensive of everything, because their life isn’t being lived to its highest potential if they don’t have the opportunity to show the world just how stinking rich they are? … Continue reading

What Little We Learned From the Final Presidential Debate

Tonight was the final Presidential Debate before the November 8th election, and surprise surprise, it was a total free-for-all. Both candidates were at each other’s throats, and many moments in the debate felt more like reality television from bizare-o world. With topics ranging from email servers to sexual misconduct, this … Continue reading


Washington Weedpocalypse

With the local news reporting on little else, it seems that the impending storm is all anyone in the area is talking or thinking about. Given that, the people of the Pacific Northwest are stocking up on the most important provisions just in case this storm does what the weather … Continue reading

No Smoking Allowed…?

Even with the legalization of cannabis passing no November 4, 2014, there have yet to be any recreational marijuana stores open to the public (the first one “Frozen Budz” is opening soon). This has caused an issue of where patients and citizens can buy cannabis, in a legal manner. Since … Continue reading

Michigan legalizes Medical Marijuana

The United States of America is one state closer to full cannabis normalization with Michigan’s Gov Ricky Snyder signing 3 medical marijuana bills into law. The package of regulations was signed on September 21, 2016 is a regulatory framework allowing patients easier access to cannabis and cannabis based medicines. Until … Continue reading

The Get down: Nashville Decriminalizes Cannabis.

September 20, 2016 – With a 35-3 pass, Nashville becomes the first city in Tennessee to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis. The current law is built around jail time and a fine of $2,500, but lawmakers successfully passed a new bill that will allow you to carry up to half an … Continue reading

No Right To Bear Arms?

As of September 2016, medical marijuana card holders do not have the right to bare arms, in These United States of America. Under the rules and regulations of The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms medical marijuana patients are considered unlawful drug users. In this instance, federal law trumps state … Continue reading