Lounge Lizards – A Cannabis Tale

With marijuana laws growing more lax and progressive across the country, we’re in for a treat! Now residents of California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all have dreams dancing through their heads of the recreational stores that will open their doors in the near... Continue reading

Seattle Pipemasters Collab Brings the Heat!

Halloween is here, and while to many that means a night full of candy, debauchery, and costumes, here around 7 Point Studios, while it definitely still means those things, it also means that another year of the Pipemasters Collab has come to pass. There’s cleaning to be... Continue reading

Legal Marijuana Shows Oregon the Green

While legal recreational marijuana is still fairly new in Oregon, it has already had a huge impact on the financial position of the state. Products sold legally are taxed by 25%, which is raising substantial results. In the first 9 months that the plant and other infused... Continue reading

Origins in West Seattle Goes The Extra Mile

Of all the recreational marijuana stores in the state of Washington, Origins in West Seattle is one of the most dedicated shops out there. The store takes quality very seriously, to the extent that they do their own independent rigorous testing, random grow inspections,... Continue reading

Most Expensive Marijuana Products of 2016

Do you know someone who has more money than god? You know, the type who has to have the best or most expensive of everything, because their life isn’t being lived to its highest potential if they don’t have the opportunity to show the world just how stinking rich they... Continue reading