Legal Hemp in Washington

The Washington state house and senate just unanimously voted to legalize hemp in Washington! HB 2064 reads: AN ACT Relating to removing industrial hemp from the scope of the 2 uniform controlled substances act; and reenacting and amending RCW 69.50.101. This is a really... Continue reading


With the local news reporting on little else, it seems that the impending storm is all anyone in the area is talking or thinking about. Given that, the people of the Pacific Northwest are stocking up on the most important provisions just in case this storm does what the... Continue reading

Amsterdam’s Marijuana Tourism Industry

Marijuana isn’t entirely legal in The Netherlands, but its use and sales are allowed. At locations called coffee shops, Dutch citizens can buy marijuana with relative ease from 193 different places.   The history of Amsterdam coffee shops Marijuana and hash made its way... Continue reading

Washington Marijuana Sales Surpass $1.25B

Washington State marijuana sales passed $1B in May, and now only 2 months later they have reached $1,274,485,884. Monthly sales continue to rise especially as we enter the tourism season which brought over 19.2 Million people to Seattle last year!  Sales are increasing at... Continue reading

Washington Medical Marijuana Delays

After months of losing medical dispensaries throughout Washington, the Department of Health has been preparing to launch medical marijuana 2.0 through state recreational cannabis shops with their medical endorsements. The state set a deadline of July 1st to implement the... Continue reading